Hey there! πŸ‘‹

Create is a new AI creative tool that lets anyone build with natural language. You can use it to make components, sites, tools, and apps. Just describe how you want them to look and work, and Create uses AI to write the code for it.

Here’s some pointers on how to get better results.

For help from the team, join our Discord. Please ask questions there! We aim to be hyper responsive and we have auto-translated channels for other languages beyond English.

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Getting started

Just type what you want and the builder will create it as you type. Describe how you want your app to look and behave. You can also paste in images.

Just starting off? Start simple and then keep adding details.

Need to make changes? Just add or remove details to/from the spec.

Something go wrong? All history is saved. You can jump back to any previous versions with cmd-z or from the previous revisions modal.

Create turns your spec into code and runs your app. You can see the code in the code tab.

In Build mode, you can tap on elements to change links/images or make components.